Sa100 is completed by a self-employed person or individuals with multiple sources of taxable income to report to the HMRC.

SA100 form has both online and paper versions. The deadline for submitting the paper form is 31 October, and online is 31 January following the tax year.

Below are the examples of taxable income reported on the SA100 form Income from

• self-employment
• Property income
Capital gains
• Interest income
• Pensions income

Who needs to complete SA100 form?

• Self-employed with profits over £1,000
• An employee with an annual salary exceeding £100,000
• Receive income from savings, investment, or real estate
• Receiving child benefit and income over £ 50,000
• Receiving the foreign income
• Capital gains
• Company director, minister name or member


There are penalties for not submitting the SA100 tax return in time. Penalties start from £100 for tax returns up to 3 months late and increase over time.

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