UK Tax Calculators

Use our tax calculators to calculate various taxes, take-home salaries, to decide between sole trader and company and much more.

Limited Company vs Sole Trader Calculator

Our calculator calculates your limited company's profits and corporation tax liability based on your business turnover and expenses.

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Self Employed Tax Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate how much income tax and National Insurance you owe in the current or previous years.

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Limited Company Tax Calculator

Our calculator calculates your limited company's profits and corporation tax liability based on your business turnover and expenses.

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Take Home Salary Calculator

Looking to change your job but not sure how much you will take home? Just enter your new salary to estimate your take-home pay.

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Employer NIC Calculator

Not sure how much employer NIC you will pay when you hire a new employee? Use this calculator to estimate your employer National Insurance.

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Employee NIC Calculator

You can use our calculator to figure out how much tax and employee's National Insurance you'll have to deduct from an employee's salary.

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Employee vs self employed

Not sure of potential taxes you will pay when you move from employee to self-employed or vice versa? Use this calculator to estimate your income tax and National Insurance liabilities.

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UK Income Tax Calculator

Taxes have played a significant role in a nation's welfare for centuries. Without tax collection, paying for defence services, health, welfare and social services, educational institutions, and transport services is impossible. The government pays a part of that collection to support industries, sports, heritage and culture.

But how much tax do you need to pay? What are your tax-free allowances, deductions and exceptions? There are a lot more questions that arise when we speak about taxes. You must understand every tax regulation and use a UK income tax calculator to count the correct numbers.

What is UK tax?

The UK taxes get complicated if you are new to the country or paying taxes for the first time. Death and Taxes are the most uncertain happenings of life. Though there is no doubt you will be taxed, the rates can change rapidly. How to pay the correct tax?

Stay updated with the latest tax rules and avoid manual tax calculation errors.

Tax is a compulsory contribution of every resident to the UK government. Taxes can be direct, like income tax or indirect, like VAT.

Taxes are charges as an extra cost on goods and services, a part of business profits, or a percentage of an individual's income. Businesses and members of the public are liable for taxes, and the parliament decides the tax rates, thresholds, deductions and allowances. Usually, the HMRC reviews the tax rates semi-annually.

What is the UK tax calculator?

A UK tax calculator is a tool that makes calculating your tax amount straightforward. A tax calculator helps to identify the amount you can take home and the tax you must pay.

Our tax calculators provide accurate results for various scenarios, like deciding between setting up a company or working as a sole trader, sole trader vs employee, employee take-home salary, employer and employee NIC, etc.

How to use a tax calculator UK?

To use an UK income tax calculator, you must understand what information to provide for the correct calculation.

For example, for the take-home salary calculator, you add the annual salary plus any overtime, bonus, etc. and enter it in the salary box. As you enter this amount, our calculator calculates the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly gross salary, income tax amount, national insurance, total liabilities and net take home-salary.

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