Use our calculators to calculate various taxes, take-home salaries, to decide between sole trader and company and much more.

Limited Company vs Sole Trader

Use this calculator to decide optimum tax structure, i.e. a sole trader or limited company. Enter sales and expenses figures to estimate your take-home income.

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Self Employed Tax Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate how much income tax and National Insurance you owe in the current or previous years.

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Limited Company Tax Calculator

Our calculator calculates your limited company's profits and corporation tax liability based on your business turnover and expenses.

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Take Home Salary Calculator

Looking to change your job but not sure how much you will take home? Just enter your new salary to estimate your take-home pay.

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Employer NIC Calculator

Not sure how much employer NIC you will pay when you hire a new employee? Use this calculator to estimate your employer National Insurance.

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Employee NIC Calculator

You can use our calculator to figure out how much tax and employee's National Insurance you'll have to deduct from an employee's salary.

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Employee vs self employed

Not sure of potential taxes you will pay when you move from employee to self-employed or vice versa? Use this calculator to estimate your income tax and National Insurance liabilities.

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Due to the ever-changing tax landscape, knowing your income and business tax liabilities in advance is critical. Our tax calculators will remove the unknowns from the equation whether you are preparing budgets or cashflow forecasts. They tell you exactly how much tax you owe.

Personal tax calculators can help you figure out take-home income after deductions, such as UK income tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Find a tax calculator to compute your income tax, company tax, National insurance, and how much to pay your employees from our range of calculators.

With our UK tax calculators, you can compare where to stay employed or choose between sole trader or limited company.