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Hiring a chartered accountant in UK is now easy with Experlu. Whatever service you need, whether it is for your eCommerce business or property management, whether you are looking for an affordable small accounting practice or an established accounting firm, our team will find verified matching accountants. Register to see the benefits!


Compare quotes and proposals of local and remote bookkeepers in UK for Free on Experlu. Post your enquiry, and we'll get customised quotes from the top 3 bookkeepers in your area fast and free. From meticulous record-keeping to tax submissions, stay in control of finances with reliable and verified bookkeeping services.

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Find an expert tax accountant in UK with specialist knowledge about different industries' tax compliance on Experlu. From self-assessment filling to cross-border tax compliance to specialist HMRC tax investigations, we can help you hire experts for specific services in 48 hours.


Pick and onboard some of the best UK auditors in 2 days, specialised in providing a wide range of auditing services to businesses, including statutory and non-statutory audits, internal audits, and due diligence. We are perfect for companies and institutional investors looking for niche-specific experts quickly.

Payroll Accountants

Efficient payroll services in UK ensure accurate calculations, timely payments & RTI submissions, and compliance, and happy employees. We leverage our professional network of payroll accountants in UK to help you find and hire payroll experts quickly. Let us do the legwork for what truly matters – growing your business with happy employees.

Incorporation Services

Start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence by incorporating your business in UK. Achieve this by finding and hiring the right accounting partner through Experlu to handle all the legal complexities, ensuring seamless registration, compliance, and a robust foundation for your success.


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Remove the painful hassle of interviewing questionable quotes. Gain access to a select group of qualified, verified accountants in UK with a rich background in business accounting ranging from 3 to 15 years. Take charge of your business with a sense of assurance and capitalise on opportunities without apprehension.


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We're here to serve all accounting needs. Whether you're looking for a new startup accountant to keep the books tidy or a corporate accountant to tackle the big league, we can help. From individuals to startups to established businesses, we're your partner in finding the right experts to handle your unique demands.


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Our registered members occasionally receive special treats – a 10% discount on switching accountants, gift vouchers, a 10% discount on the accountant fees in the first year, first-hand access to the latest insights into accounting, and a personal dashboard to manage your data.

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Operating a limited company is the sought-after way to run a UK business. However, between managing clients, developing new products and services, and organising premises, you can fall short ofmanaging the company finances. Hiring a limited company accountant can take the burden of bookkeeping, VAT returns, annual accounts, tax returns,payroll, and dealing with HMRC from you.

Let us find you the right limited company accountant from the comforts of your desk. Experlu is the UK’s biggest network of accountants, with many experts on board. Whether you are looking for an accountant to audityour limited company accounts,manage your tax issues, provide general financial advice, or prepare annual accounts, we will help you connect with specialists in less than three days.

Using Experlu’s cloud-based accountant matchmaking portal is easy, quick, secure, and free. Fill out the form and answer our questions to get up to three customisednon-obligation quotes from our shortlisted accountants. Your contact details will not be shared with the accountants and shall be treated securely. You can directly connect with the shortlisted accountants, compare and review rates and proposals, and verify their skills before hiring the best match.

Highly qualified limited company accountants are considered assets, as they can navigate financial challenges and operate and grow your business expertly. With our matchmaking services, you can trust us to help you shortlist the perfect accountant to provide the support you need to succeed.

Experlu Support

Experlu nurtures the relationship between you and your accounting buddy throughout. Our support believes in giving a full-proof resolution with the least turnaround time. In the first stage, we offer a single-step resolution, but if you need further help, we offer live calls and e-mail support.

Can I prepare my limited company accounts?

You can perform your accounting for your limited company, such as preparing and submitting your annual accounts.

However, most limited companies hire a professional to run their businesses. It can be challenging to handle everything yourself because limited companies have more complicated legal and organisational requirements than sole proprietorships. There are heavy fines if you make a mistake.

Accountants are experts in business finance; if you work with one, they can help you reduce the stress of submitting your accounts to HMRC and Companies House. They can enable you to achieve all regulatory obligations and minimise penalties, ensuring company accounts meet legal accounting standards.

It's critical to note that even if you hire an accountant, it is still the legal responsibility of the company directors to ensure that the accounts are accurate.

How to set up a bank account for a Limited Company?

Opening a business account for your limited business usually takes 1-10 days with online banks and can take longer with traditional high street banks.

Remember, apart from sole traders, your business and personal accounts must be kept separate. A limited corporation must present the following crucial documents to create a bank account:

  • Certificate of incorporation, along with business number and name.
  • Identification documents such as a passport or driver's license.
  • Personal bank statements and recent utility bills (if you do not have a personal account there).
  • Business plans and budgets.

What taxes do limited corporations need to рау?

In the UK, limited corporations are subject to several taxes, including:

  • Corporation Tax: This tax is based on the limited company's earnings. In the UK, corporation tax is now charged between 19% to 25%.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): When a limited company registers for VAT, it must charge VAT on sales and pay VAT on purchases. The rate of VAT varies based on the kind of goods or services being sold.
  • Employer's National Insurance Contributions (NICs): Limited companies that have employees must pay the employer's NICs on their employees' earnings above a certain threshold.
  • Business Rates: If the limited company owns or rents commercial property, it may be required to pay business rates to the local council.
  • Personal Taxes: If the limited company's directors or shareholders receive income from the business, they may be responsible for paying personal taxes such as income tax and national insurance contributions.
  • Other Taxes: The limited company may be required to pay additional taxes, such as Excise Duty, Environmental Taxes, Stamp Duty Land Tax, depending on the nature of the business.

What is a limited company accountant?

A limited company accountant is a financial expert who offers accounting and services to limited companies. They can assist with accounting, payroll, tax returns, financial planning, and business decision-making.

What services do limited company accountants typically offer?

  • Bookkeeping and accounting: The accountant can help you keep accurate records of your financial transactions, including purchases, sales, expenses, and receipts.
  • Payroll services: The accountant can handle your company's payroll, including processing employee salaries, issuing payslips, and submitting Real Time Information (RTI) returns to HMRC.
  • VAT registration and returns: The accountant can help businesses to register for VAT if their business meets the threshold and prepare companies to file their VAT returns on time.
  • Audit and assurance services: The accountant can be qualified to offer audit services to your company if they are a member of a recognised professional organisation.
  • Company secretarial services: Accountants can assist in maintaining your company's statutory records, such as the cap table management, share issuance, SEIS/ EIS registration and compliance, registers of members, directors, and charges. Additionally, they can submit annual confirmation statements to Companies House.

Can a limited company accountant help me save money on taxes?

  • Tax planning: Accountants can offer essential tax planning to ensure you and the business pay the minimum amount of tax.
  • Identifying tax deductions: Your accountant can assist you in identifying tax-deductible expenses, such as travel for business purposes, equipment purchases, and office supplies. By deducting these expenditures from your tax liability, you can minimise the tax you owe.
  • Making financial arrangements: Your accountant can assist you in organising your finances to reduce your tax liability. For instance, they advise you on dividing income between your firm and yourself to benefit from reduced tax rates.
  • Maximise tax credits: Your accountant can assist you in discovering tax credits that you may be qualified for, like Research and Development tax credits (R&D) or tax credits for hiring specific types of employees. You can minimise your tax liability by reaping the benefits of these credits.

What should you look for before working with a Limited Company Accountant?

You must be careful when selecting the correct accountant for your limited company. Here are a few suggestions of what to look for:

  • The individual you choose to work with as your accountant must ultimately be someone you can trust and be comfortable with.
  • You should also verify that your accountant has the necessary credentials and is a member of an approved governing body, like ACCA, ICAEW, AAT etc. Even though many claims to be "accountants," they may not be licensed.
  • You should confirm the history of the accountancy firm to ensure that they have experience in practice.
  • You should request recommendations or testimonials from the other clients they manage.
  • If you need extra assistance or services, such as auditing, payroll processing, management accounting, or tax planning, you should verify that the accountant can provide these services.
  • You should clearly understand your accountant's fee structure before hiring them.

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