Software Companies and IT Firms Rely on Experlu for their Accountant Requirements

Whether you outsource software development, offshore engineers from another country, or export products and services, you can find and hire a dedicated expert in accounting for IT companies in 2 days.

  • Biggest network of UK accountants
  • Hire a IT Company accountant in the UK in 2 days
  • Find IT-industry specialised Experts
  • Hire accountants with 3 – 15 years. of experience
  • Hire accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, and tax advisors
  • We verify each Accountant
  • 98% Precision in accountant matching
  • Work with remote experts affordably
  • Get customised proposals from 3 Accountants
  • FREE service. No need to pay for quotes

What do we do that makes a difference
for IT companies and software developers?

Find, interview, and hire a 99% matching IT company accountant & enjoy additional perks.


Hiring an Accountant the 'Traditional way'



Hiring an Accountant the 'Experlu way'



  • Internet searches may not show an accurate match

  • Chances of finding a verified accountant on your first attempt are low

  • Waste days or even weeks to interview candidates

  • Struggle to convince the best Accountant to work with you

  • Price and service negotiations may take time to resolve



  • Get the three most accurate matches in 48 hours

  • Finding a verified accountant on your first attempt - 100% guaranteed

  • Meet only the shortlisted profiles (industry-specific only)

  • Accountants ready to work with you immediately

  • Receive written service proposals & pricing to make informed decisions

Who can use Experlu's portal?

  • Software Development Companies
  • Cybersecurity Companies
  • Fintech Firms
  • EdTech Firms
  • Tech Start-Ups
  • Data Analytics Experts
  • Healthcare IT Companies
  • Software Experts & Consultants
  • Managed IT Firms
  • Software Exports Companies
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Website Design & Development
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Gaming and Machine Learning
  • AI and IoT Firms
  • AR and VR Companies
  • Robotics Companies
  • Biotechnology Firms

Find Specialist Accountants for Various IT Companies and Technology Sectors

Finding chartered accountants specialised in your line of business can be time-consuming and often lead to dead ends. Not for Experlu, though!! Focus on expanding your IT business while leaving your finance functions in the capable hands of a dedicated and experienced accountant found through Experlu.

With many verified experts in our database, we can help you hire a perfect accountant match for your business. Whether you need bookkeeping services, fulfil your tax obligations, require financial modelling and planning, or need a team of accountants to manage your books, there's no shortage of IT company accountants on Experlu's platform. We can efficiently help you find and hire a freelancer, remote team, or offshore partner.

Find the Perfect IT Company Accountant at Your Service in Two Days

The UK is one of the biggest hubs for technology innovations and tech talents, such as application developers, hardware manufacturers, gaming and animation app coders, and software designers. The government heavily invests in talent and innovation through various tax reliefs and incentives. So, whether you are a tech start-up or a growing software development firm, accounting for IT companies is crucial for growth and stability, especially early in your business.

At the most basic level, accountants can free up your time by managing essential functions, bookkeeping, and tax returns. So, if you are looking for a quote or want to ask questions, why not start your journey by clicking on 'Get Started'?

Experlu takes pride in our 98% match-making accuracy. This is possible because our matches are human-generated, not AI or system-generated, ensuring a personal experience. Our platform is free to use, and there's no obligation. Read our FAQs to know more.

How Experlu outperforms others to hire IT Company accountants

You will need to do a tax return during the financial year ending 5th April:

  • 1. Top IT company accountants near me at just one click
  • Gain direct access to seasoned accountants in the UK, skipping tedious interviews. Tap into a vetted network of experts with 3 to 15 years of business accounting experience.
  • 2. Experlu platform is FREE to use
  • Post unlimited job enquiries with no charges for lead qualification or selection. You're in charge of rejecting proposals anytime.
  • 3. Stringent Accountant Verification Process
  • Work with genuinely invested experts. Every Expert undergoes strict evaluation, ensuring only serious professionals are added to our database. Get verified accountants only —no half-hearted connections.
  • 4. All in a Minute – Spend Less, Save More
  • What takes 2 – 3 weeks, we reduce it to a few minutes. Fill out our questionnaire and relax. We handle the rest, saving you time, effort, and sanity. Plus, enjoy live calls and email support.

Hiring Accountants through Experlu
Our four-step process


Submit your inquiry for FREE.

It's easy to get started. Register your Free Experlu' Customer' account or click 'Get Started' to answer a few simple questions about your accountant requirements and jewellery business. Submit your inquiry. This process is completely online and takes less than five minutes.


Evaluation and 3 customised quotes

Experlu will review your request, understand your accounting goals, and search our database of verified accredited accountants to connect with the three best matches. We will ask them to prepare their service proposals and share their customised quotes with you via email or Chat.


Compare price, review, and discuss.

You will receive the quotes of the best-matched jewellery accountants within 48 hours. You can review their proposals and consult them over the phone or video chat for further discussions.


Hire your Expert

Once you are satisfied, hire the best among the three. You can reject the proposals if they aren't satisfying and/or add more service requests to get additional help. Our support team can assist with any questions or concerns regarding the process by phone or Chat.


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Do you still have questions?
Let's go through the FAQs.

Experlu is a talent matchmaking platform that connects builders, contractors, and engineers with top-rated and accredited IT company accountants near you.

Here, businesses post their requirements on the platform by submitting a simple questionnaire. Our experts review the job description, understand users' needs, and share profiles and proposals of the top three experts who accurately match the requirements.

We also share the experts' cost estimations for better decision-making.

Users compare profiles, prices, and credentials and hire experts in accounting for IT companies who best fit their needs among the three matches.

1. Find and Hire Your Ideal Accountant in Less Than 48 Hours

When searching for dedicated IT company accounting services, your results may be biased by your browsing history, Google rankings, and the Accountant's online marketing skills. The most suitable expert for you might not even be online or may appear on the 3rd or 4th search engine result pages!

Imagine days spent calling unverified accountants and conducting multiple online and offline meetings, only to face cancellations. It is a frustrating and lengthy process that consumes your time and money.

Now imagine consulting with an expert to discuss your requirements – they verify your needs, search their database, and find the most accurate solution.

2. An Intelligent Platform!

With Experlu's smart matchmaking platform, find IT company accountants in just two days. We condense the process from weeks to 48 hours, all managed by seasoned matchmakers. Recognising the impact of an incompatible chartered accountant on tech-based businesses, Experlu's team meticulously tailors your preferences to a personalised selection of the top three candidates.

Receive their proposals and quotes via email or text, allowing you to review their expertise, industry knowledge, and qualifications. With ample time to assess each profile, confidently hire the ideal Accountant for your business when satisfied.

3. Experlu has helped many clients find matching accountants in their first consultation.

Our 98% success rate means you will likely find the ideal candidate quickly, often within just one or two interviews from our top three picks, tailored to your needs and budget. Plus, with all proposals accessible on a unified platform, you can easily review, compare, discuss, and hire without delay.

What's more? Joining Experlu grants you exclusive 'members-only' perks, including a discount on changing accountants, a potential reduction on the first year's Accountant's fees, gift vouchers, privacy for your contact details until finalising a deal, and priority access to the newest promotions, insights, and updates.

Experlu's service is FREE to use. We do not charge our users for signing up on the platform to post job enquiries, review proposals, or discuss with the accountants.

Feel free to submit unlimited job inquiries and explore quotes from the best accountants in the UK – all free.

Experlu only earns a fee upon the successful hiring of an accountant from the provided shortlist.

Experlu prides itself on 98% matchmaking accuracy, which means your chances of finding the most suitable Accountant on the first try are 98%.

Here are some of the additional advantages of booking experts in accounting for IT companies through our platform:

  • Save time three times more than the traditional hiring process.
  • Gain access to the UK's best-skilled professionals.
  • Receive email and video proposals.
  • Get three customised quotations FREE of cost.
  • Compare and review quotes online.
  • Connect and chat with the Accountant in real-time.
  • Work with verified experts who have knowledge about the tech industry.
  • No hidden charges or additional fees.
  • No service cost for rejecting proposals.
  • Transparent and quick hiring process.
  • The entire process is completed within 48 hours.
  • We are available for support and assistance.

We provide a transparent and streamlined hiring process, free-to-use professional services, the capability to compare quotes, and a strong focus on validating the qualifications and expertise of our registered professionals.

Registered accountants on Experlu undergo a strict and comprehensive verification process to ensure they are eligible and trustworthy to provide accounting services to software developers, engineers, and outsourcing companies. We also verify their backgrounds and customer ratings.

Rest assured, all accountants associated with Experlu are committed professionals with a proven track record.

In addition, our matchmaking process ensures that only relevant accountants in the UK send their proposals.

Experlu will provide complete information about the three accountants shortlisted for your specific business needs.

Please evaluate their qualifications, credentials, proposals, range of services, turnaround time, expertise, and experience in your business vertical. Check whether they understand your industry, especially your line of profession or business.

Read their reviews and ratings online, and if required, even discuss with the potential accountants directly to assess their responsiveness.

Hire the professional only if you are satisfied with their price estimation, service provided, expertise, and communication.

If you still have concerns, talk to our support team for the fastest resolution.

The cost of an accountant's services varies based on their level of experience, the specifics of your needs, and how urgently you require them.

Our network of accredited accountants sets their own fees, outlined in the proposals we submit to you. We do not charge our clients for this service.

Additionally, as a benefit of being a registered Experlu member, you will receive a 10% discount on the IT company accountant's fees for your first year and enjoy complimentary consultations with us at your convenience.

Accountants registered with Experlu are skilled professionals dedicated to upholding rigorous ethical standards and legal requirements. They guarantee the highest level of privacy and Confidentiality for client information.

The accountants implement robust security measures, such as restricted access to information, encryption, secure storage, and non-disclosure agreements.

Breaching Confidentiality can result in severe penalties, ensuring that the accountants prioritise protecting sensitive financial information.

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