Top 10 cybersecurity services for startups

Nearly every UK business runs online today, with even the smallest firms benefiting greatly from websites, social media, and other online platforms.

However, many of these businesses and charities have experienced cyber breaches or attacks in the past few years.

It includes computer viruses, hacking, data theft, financial information fraud, etc. To protect from such fraudulent activities, companies are looking for cybersecurity services.

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This article will share about 10 cybersecurity services for startups that can help you save from fraudsters.

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What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity as a service protects your computer systems, networks, and company-sensitive data from digital attacks, hacking, and other frauds. You can use numerous ways to ensure cybersecurity, including advanced email protection, simulated phishing scams, and network protection measures.

Here comes the question, why is cybercrime increasing today? The primary reason behind such offences is increased digital connectivity, technological advancements, and the growth of cryptocurrencies.

Some of the common cyber threats are:

  • Phishing attacks: These involve sending fraudulent emails to your people to collect sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers.
  • Ransomware: It encrypts data on a victim’s system and demands a ransom payment for decryption.
  • Social engineering attacks: They are designed to affect human vulnerabilities and obtain sensitive information or gain access to their systems.
  • Malware: These are used to refer to different software that damages or disables your systems.
  • DDoS attacks: These attacks involve flooding a target computer with traffic from various sources in an attempt to overwhelm it and disrupt its operations.

Cyber threats can come in multiple shapes and sizes and can be difficult for organizations to detect and defend against them. However, there are several other security measures in the market that you can implement for better protection. Initially, you can start with a security audit or risk assessment, security testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, incident response, and more.

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Why are cybersecurity services important for UK businesses?

Listed below are a few reasons why cybersecurity services are essential for UK businesses.

●  Prevent data breaches

Data breaches are common in businesses where security services are lacking. Fraudsters get unauthorized access to your sensitive data like financial records and intellectual property documents, leading to severe data theft and loss of trust in your brand or company.

●  Prevent financial losses

By implementing cybersecurity measures, you can prevent criminal attacks that otherwise can lead to financial losses. Often, small businesses are exposed to financial data theft, ransom payments, and uncommon frauds that result in substantial financial losses. Companies sometimes fail to recover from these losses and must shut down forever or go bankrupt.

●  Prevent reputation damage

Reputation damage is a long-term concern of cyber attacks for businesses. They make your partners and customers aware of your inability to protect essential business data. 

●  Prevent operational disruption

They can often disrupt your normal business operations in multiple ways. For example, a ransomware attack can restrict access to essential business files and systems and hold all your operations. They usually ask for ransom payments to unlock the access leading to extra financial losses.

●  Protect against legal consequences.

You must implement cyber security measures in business to stay compliant with global data security protocols and protection laws. Even if a cyber attack results in data breaching or you are found unable to protect client information, you may face legal proceedings and pay fines and hefty penalties.

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What are the top 10 cybersecurity start-ups in the UK?

Digital transformation revolutionizes the UK business landscape, while cybersecurity has become an essential concern for startups.

As cyber threats and data breaches increase, safeguarding sensitive business information has become vital for entrepreneurs. Listed below are a few of the cybersecurity start-ups in the UK.

●  CyberSmart

They help startups to achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards. Additionally, their service helps protect your data through automated security checks and training and using cyber security best practices.

●  Darktrace

Darktrace utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time and uses advanced machine learning algorithms for better outcomes. They provide continuous protection to startups against existing and emerging cyber threats.

●  6point6 Cyber

By offering a wide range of cyber security services, 6point6 Cyber helps startups to have a robust cyber security framework. They specialize in risk assessments, penetration testing, incident response, and threat intelligence to protect your business from cyber threats.

●  CybSafe

CybSafe offers cyber security basics for startups with their training programs for employees. They combine intelligence software with human behaviour analysis to monitor risk and implement effective cyber security measures in your business.

●  Secarma

They provide penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to identify potential weaknesses in your devices and networks. Their expert team offers detailed reports and recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities and protecting you from cyber crimes.

●  DigitalXRAID

It is famous for its expertise in penetration testing and social engineering. They help startups identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks and provide comprehensive security audits with actionable insights to safeguard essential business assets.

●  Hut Six

Hut Six focuses on employee awareness training to empower you against phishing attacks and other social engineering threats. Their interactive and customizable training modules ensure better cyber security education engagement of your employees. Thus, making them prepared to face any cyber threat and protect your company with intelligent solutions.

●  F-Secure

They offer various cyber security services, including threat intelligence, incident response and vulnerability management. F-Secure’s holistic approach helps you effectively identify, protect, and respond to cyber threats.

●  Nettitude

Nettitude can efficiently deliver cybersecurity solutions customized as per your requirements. They offer multiple services like risk assessments and managed detection and response to cyber security threats. Additionally, they offer compliance consulting services to businesses and help them stay secure against cyber fraud.

●  SureCloud

They offer startups a comprehensive security testing and risk management platform with multiple services. This includes vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and risk assessment. Thus they help you identify and address potential security gaps in businesses.

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By now, you can understand how essential cybersecurity services are for startups and established businesses.

You can protect your organization against such crimes by educating your staff, using data inscription software, two-factor multi-factor authentication, and other cyber security services to protect your sensitive data.

However, you can implement a third-party risk management solution to analyze potential threats and implement the most favorable solutions.