How to find a Self-assessment tax return accountant near me?

Being a sole trader or running a limited company is a headache, and filling out tax returns every year is an additional pain. It makes looking out for a self assessment tax return accountant near me a fundamental business need. The same scenario goes with individuals doing their tax returns.

If you are hiring a high street accountant, they may charge you around £350 to prepare and complete tax forms, whereas an online budget service mostly starts from £150.

The question is how you can find a self-assessment tax return accountant when to find them, and what you can expect.

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What do you understand about self-assessment tax returns?
When should you look for a tax accountant?
How do you find a self-assessment tax return accountant?

What do you understand about self-assessment tax returns?

Self-assessment tax returns refer to the HMRC’s system of collecting income tax from people living and working in the UK. Employees paid through PAYE or by an employer get their taxes deducted automatically from their salary, pension, and savings. Such employees generally don’t need to submit a self assessment tax return unless they have some other sources of income.

Self Assessment

Most self-employed people as sole traders don’t get their tax deducted at source and must complete their self-assessment tax return. It helps HMRC to tax them correctly, considering their income.

Here are a few conditions when you must submit a self-assessment tax return:

●  A director of any limited company not receiving taxable income
●  Self-employed (as a sole trader), earning more than £1,000
●  A partner in a business partnership
●  Employed and earning more than £150,000 (£100,000 for tax year 2022/23 and before)
●  Employed and earning over £50,000 with child benefit
●  Earning untaxed income like income from rental property, tips, and commission
●  Receiving property income

The deadline for submitting a paper return is 31st October, and for an online return, it is 31st January. You can spread the tax payment into two or more instalments before the deadline instead of paying a lump sum at once.

When to look for a tax accountant?

Self assessment tax return accountants come into the picture, especially when finances get complicated or an individual has less time to dedicate to the process.

Tax gives businesses a difficult time, especially for larger organisations. Hiring an accountant comes with numerous benefits. However, considering the cost of a self-assessment tax return accountant, individuals take a step back and do it themselves.

There is no problem in filling and submitting your tax return, but it needs time and dedication, which can be a problem. Doing your tax return depends entirely on your circumstances. For example, if you are a freelancer or your finances are straightforward, you can do your tax return and save the self assessment tax return accountant fees.

You can hire an accountant when

●  You want to enjoy a stress-free tax season
●  Save time and focus on core business activities
●  Less time to fill out forms, check them and submit them before the deadline.
●  Complete forms with accuracy
●  Meet government regulations
●  Reduce your tax bills legally
●  Stay prepared for a tax investigation

The tax return is a major time investment for every business, irrespective of size. Failure to provide every data required results in costly penalties and legal proceedings in the worst situations.

For large organisations, it can lead to a considerable amount of time consumed in reconciling figures, double-checking dates and ensuring everything is in place. It takes away a considerable amount of time from your day-to-day activities, causing an effect on your productivity.

Looking for a tax return accountant is good to avoid letting your business suffer.

If you have an accountant backing you, they can advise you on financial challenges, navigate your salary versus dividend figures, bring peace to mind, and check your bookkeeping.

They have experience in handling countless tax returns, which means they understand what you need to provide. Plus, tax legislation changes every time, and they help you keep up to date with the changes, which means no worry about penalties for late submissions or wrong information.

What’s more? You can save money on your tax bill with the right accountant. They understand your eligibility for tax deductions and cut off your bills legally, which you were not aware of from the beginning.

Also, hiring them has a hidden benefit; you can get specialist advice on financial matters at any time. They keep your files organised, making the entire tax preparation process less painful.

How to find a self-assessment tax return accountant?

Every self-assessment tax return accountant in the UK doesn’t come from a similar background, experience, or cost. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of individuals to find a suitable accountant for tax returns. Here are a few things to consider in the selection process.

Reference: Ask for references from your close ones or business associates to strain the best candidates. Then, set a face-to-face interview with each one for a better idea of their quality, costs and services.

Qualification and certifications: Look into the accountants’ educational background and certificates to understand their eligibility for your taxes.

Experience: The working experience of an accountant depicts their involvement with different businesses and their work style. You can recognise if they have previous experience working in the same niche so that they can come up with the best solutions.

Services: You must ask your accountant about the range of self assessment tax return services they are ready to offer depending on your business needs.

Costs: Considering a self-assessment tax return accountant cost UK, it is essential to check if you can afford to hire them. Their costs usually vary with business requirements, accountant’s experience, company size, financial complexities, etc.

Availability: When you are looking for an accountant near you, it means you want them to be available anytime you need. Therefore, ask them how much they are available throughout the year and ways of communication.

Review: Never forget to check their reviews and get a clear vision of their client satisfaction.

Self Assessment


Hiring an accountant for your self-assessment tax return is a choice. You need to consider your needs, check if your tax return needs professional help, and then take a step ahead in hiring them or outsourcing.

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