Top 10 Small Home Business Ideas UK in 2024

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If your target is to be a boss, start a business today. Look for some of the top home business ideas UK, as they are budget-friendly and trendy.

Here are top 10 small home business ideas UK in 2024 for you.

1.  Opening an online store

Among the most accessible and cheap small business ideas, opening an online store comes on top. The online retail market has been rising since  2020 and will remain in demand in the following years.

You don’t need to invest in brick and mortar setup, but design a website and market your brand on social media and different online platforms.

Some providers allow you to publish a website using their platforms for a small monthly fee. Others allow a free trial to see if the platform suits your business.

2.  Become a social media manager

If you are looking for home business ideas, you can be a freelancer or a full-time social media manager. You must look after your client’s social media feeds and help them gain customers.

Some of your duties include developing an innovative strategy, creating editorial calendars, publishing content, responding to comments and feedback, creating campaigns and representing your brand voice, etc.

To become a social media manager, you must understand digital marketing and create stories to engage and communicate with customers.

Further, you must learn advanced techniques for optimising YouTube videos, custom Facebook apps, Twitter and YouTube, learn hashtag marketing, and gather knowledge on webcasts, Google+ hangouts, etc.

3.  Provide holiday rentals

If you have a second home that usually remains empty throughout the year, use it as a holiday staycation. Many UK residents have a second home that is left deserted.

Why don’t you use that furnished property as a holiday let business? Around 20 and 24 weeks in a year is the average occupancy rate. Even the tax authority considers it an income source, so why not make it a business?

However, there are multiple tasks between a guest’s departure and a new one’s arrival.

It includes changing bedsheets and towels, laundry, housecleaning, responding to a guest’s enquiry on booking and other matters, managing a website, dealing with customers, arranging easy check-in and check-out, etc.

Ask an accountant about what tax benefits you can get for holiday-let properties over buy-to-let properties.

4.  Be a yoga trainer

Millions of people worldwide searched for yoga classes during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and its demand kept increasing until today.

Therefore, if you are a fitness coach, or have previous experience as a yoga trainee, open your channel and start providing a video daily.

You have little to no investment, but once your channel gets popular, you will start making hundreds of pounds monthly. You can also create an offline class with a few fitness freaks and expand your business with your workout routine.

5.  Online tutoring

Students find it challenging to reach out to institution teachers whenever they encounter an issue. It’s your chance to open an online education channel and start giving classes. It can include school to college-level subjects, preparation for competitive exams, teaching new skills, etc.

However, before you start, ensure you are prepared to educate someone else and have previous experience building their future. Being a teacher is a big responsibility, and if you are not qualified for the post, don’t spoil someone’s career for money.

6.  Open a fashion boutique

Are you a fashion designer? Or had a tailoring course? Whatever your career goals are if you are good at designing clothes for others, open a fashion boutique.

Even if not, you can curate and source readymade clothing from a manufacturer and sell them under your brand.

You can keep investments low by stalking fewer inventories. You can use some dropshipping apps to deliver your products to customers.

These applications usually handle inventory, shipping, customer invoicing and returns on your behalf, allowing you to focus on marketing and manufacturing, customer relations, and other core activities.

7.  Start a customised gifting store

Today’s generation thinks of unique gift ideas for their loved ones.

They are looking for something customisable, like a coffee mug with their beloved’s picture printed on the body.

Suppose you want to make unique things, set up a store, make handmade gifts, and start selling them. It is an exclusive idea to convey special messages to important people.

You can find two broad categories, individual ideas, including photo frames and key chains, or group gifts, like commemorative gifts.

But before you start, decide on finances, how many staff you need, and whether to open an online or offline store.

8.  Freelance content writing services

More people are getting interested in digital marketing techniques. Almost 84% of people on the internet are now convinced to buy goods or services after clicking on a brand’s video or content linked to their website.

Your task is to write meaningful content for different clients according to their needs.

However, you can choose clients in your niche or diversify your skills to meet more clients from different domains and make money.

As a freelancer, create a website showcasing your qualifications, experience, services, and client reviews.

9.  Herb farming

If you have a large garden, start your herb farming. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the gardening industry.

Today, the skincare, hair care, food industry and others know the importance of herbs. You can see how herbs are now used in soaps for candles, aromatherapy oils, medicines, etc.

You can start your business from a bit of space and expand over time. Once your herbs are ready, deliver them to your clients.

10. Become a website designer

Almost every business today needs a website to showcase its products and services. Becoming a website designer is a great business idea in the digital era.

You will never have a shortage of clients if you deliver the best designs that meet industry needs.

To become a website designer, you need to enrol in a short-term course and have more practical experience.

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Wrapping up

Every business needs passion and patience. Good things take time to happen, and you must have the dedication and work hard to create a good business.

However, always read and stay in touch with professionals like an accountant, a tax advisor, a lawyer, etc., to help and protect you throughout the journey.