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Tax regulations are adjusted and revised yearly, making it difficult for individuals and business owners to stay updated on all the information they require to make wise financial decisions. Fortunately, excellent accounting companies will update their customers on legislative changes to ensure they comply and take advantage of potential tax reliefs.

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One of the most crucial decisions a company can make is which Accountant to hire. A good one can save time and help your company expand, whereas a bad one can cost you money.

This blog post will list a few essential tips before choosing an accountant and compile the top 50 Accountants in London, UK.

Why do you need an accountant?

While a few businesses attempt to handle everything independently, this is not the most effective method. The great majority of firms use a specialised accountant.

You can do many things without the help of a professional, but on the other hand, the time invested is usually not worth it to save a few dollars.

When you start contracting for a reasonable monthly cost, you can rely on a trained expert in all critical areas of accountancy, tax, and other financial concerns.

How to select the best Accountant

1. Fees
The first and most important consideration is your Accountant’s fees, which must fit within your business or personal budget. Every accounting company calculates their fees on an hourly or fixed-rate basis.

The total cost charged varies from one company to the next. Before signing a contract, talk about how much everything will cost.

2. Work experience
Because new/small businesses have very different needs and demands than huge organisations, it’s also good to pick an accountant who has demonstrated that they work successfully with your business type through their reference list.

Working with smaller accounting companies can sometimes mean getting a more personalised response to your questions.

3. Recommendations
Getting a referral from a colleague is always beneficial. Contact other accountants. You’ll quickly learn which ones to avoid and provide excellent service.

Changing accountants at a later date will be more accessible if you hire an accountant that uses an independent cloud-based accounting solution. And the firm you choose now might not be the ideal fit for you a few years later when your business grows.

4. Size of the firm
The number of clients handled by specialist accounting firms varies greatly, ranging from 200 to several thousand.

They will usually represent the kind of service in the figures. You should evaluate if you like a more “institutional” level of services, such as that provided by larger organisations, or a more personal level of service, such as a smaller firm.

For example, if you need partner-level phone support from the same person every time you call, you might be interested in going with a smaller company rather than a big one.

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Find out what software the Accountant uses

Accountants commonly use accounting software. They’ve most likely been in business for many years and have adapted to a particular type of software.

It might be a problem. Data exchange may be a challenge if your firm uses a different type of software. Although data can be exported and imported in the correct format, this can be time-consuming and easily lead to mistakes.

Because email is about as secure as a postcard, there’s a chance that you will expose your private financial information while you send it back and forth. As a result, look for an accountant who works with the same accounting software that you do.

Top 50 Accountancy Firms

Regarding leading accounting companies, the Big 4 — Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG – are usually the first names that come to mind. But who are the other major players in the world of accounting?

We look at 50 of London, UK’s most prominent accountancy businesses.

  1. 123Financials
  2. Accountancy and Bookkeeping Limited
  3. Clarified Accounting Ltd
  4. YRF Accountants Ltd
  5. H&E Accountants
  6. HM Accountax Ltd
  7. M Webb Accounting & Payroll Ltd
  8. THN Accountants
  9. Ahadjie & Co
  10. Fortis Accountants
  11. Makesworth Accountants
  12. BBK Partnership
  13. Tally Accountants
  14. Moore LLP
  15. The Wow Company
  16. Tax Affinity Accountants
  17. Accounts and Legal
  18. HFM Tax & Accounts
  19. Tax & Advise
  20. Kingston Smith
  21. Haines Watts
  22. DNS Accountants
  23. Carter Backer Winter LLP
  24. Accace Global
  25. Wellden Turnbull
  26. Mercer & Hole
  27. Beever and Struthers
  28. David Chartered Accountants
  29. RJP
  30. Ward Williams Chartered Accountants
  31. Arnold Hill & Co LLP
  32. TWP Accounting
  33. Cox Costello & Home Accountants
  34. JSA Services Ltd
  35. Isosceles Finance
  36. Pearl Chartered Accountants
  37. PK Group
  38. Kingston Burrowes Accountants
  39. MGI Midgley Snelling LLP
  40. DS Burge & Co
  41. Green & Peter
  42. Dua & Co
  43. Marden & Co Accountants Ltd
  44. IBN Bookkeeping Services
  45. Carbon Accountancy
  46. Stewart & Partners
  47. Cook & Partners
  48. Clear House Accountants
  49. Quantum Accountancy
  50. Goddards Accountants
  51. Riches & Company
  52. BNW Accountants & Tax Consultants
  53. CWM Chartered Accountants
  54. J&S Accounting
  55. Halsay & Co
  56. Cole Chartered Accountants
  57. Moorgate Chartered Accountants
  58. Clarkson Chartered Accountants

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1. 123Financials


7 Years experience

123Financials is one of the leading full-service accountancy firms based in London, UK. The firm, formed in 2017, specialises in startups providing all aspects of accountancy, including bookkeeping, tax planning and filling, SEIS/EIS, Cash flow management, CFO services, capital gains, business growth strategies, outsourced finance function and R&D credit maximisation in multiple industries.

2. Accountancy and Bookkeeping Limited

Accountancy and Bookkeeping Limited

11 Years experience

With over 25 years of experience, Accountancy and Bookkeeping Limited is committed to offering professional services to clients all over England.

This North West London-based agency works with professionals with vast experience and expertise in helping companies and individuals develop their businesses. Some of their services include bookkeeping and accounting, tax and VAT returns, secretarial services, payroll, and more.

3. Clarified Accounting Ltd

Clarified Accounting Ltd

2 Years experience

Clarified Accounting Ltd is a digital accounting firm that has assisted clients during different phases of their economic cycle for years.

They offer creative and technologically advanced solutions to encourage business growth. These solutions include bookkeeping, self-assessment tax returns, statutory accounts and corporation tax, payroll, VAT, and business support.

4. YRF Accountants Ltd

YRF Accountants Ltd

4 Years experience

The Boston-based YRF Accountants Ltd offers cutting-edge accounting solutions to new and established small businesses and individuals.

They work with a team of experts in providing accounting and bookkeeping, tax, VAT, payroll, and other financial services to clients across Boston and Manchester.YRF Accountants can provide the best advice and support for managing your finances within fixed fee packages.

5. H&E Accountants

H&E Accountants

9 Years experience

H&E Accountants fulfils all small business needs with their full or bespoke accounting services with a transparent fee structure.

Some of their services include corporation and personal tax returns, company formation, accounts preparation and filing, VAT returns, and payroll. The agency helps businesses of all types, from sole traders and partnerships to limited companies.

6. HM Accountax Ltd

HM Accountax Ltd

12 Years experience

With more than ten years of experience, HM Accountax offers friendly service to individuals and owner-managed businesses.

This sole practitioner accountancy firm is famous for its bespoke services ranging from personal tax, annual accounts, bookkeeping and VAT, company preparation, and payroll. Besides offering accounting services, the agency focuses on building trust and long-lasting business relationships.

7. M Webb Accounting & Payroll Ltd

M Webb Accounting & Payroll Ltd

1 Years experience

M Webb Accounting & Payroll Ltd mainly offer accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services. Besides these, they also provide financial management, VAT, and Xero training to clients in London.

With years of experience in the industry, the agency can manage the accounting needs of businesses and individuals and simplify things that otherwise are difficult to handle.

8. THN Accountants

THN Accountants

5 Years experience

Ilford, Essex-based THN Accountants serve startups, limited companies, and small and medium-sized businesses across Ilford, South Woodford, Redbridge, Leyton, Stratford, Barking, Hornchurch, Newham, and Dagenham.

These professionals are experts in offering payroll and bookkeeping, Tax and VAT returns, company formation, and accounts preparation. The primary goal of the agency is to help its clients understand finances better, save tax and free up time for core business activities.

9. Ahadjie & Co

Ahadjie & Co

6 Years experience

Ahadjie & Co is popular for its first-class accounting and financial expertise that supplements and supports your in-house resources.

They provide expert solutions and processes which may be difficult for individuals and businesses to source.Their services range from bookkeeping and finance, business planning and advisory, and Tax & VAT investigation to management accounts and reporting, payroll, statutory accounts, and company secretarial services.

10. Fortis Accountants

It ranks among the top 10 accounting firms UK, located in Hammersmith, Fulham, that offers accounting support, tax planning, timely alerts, HMRC compliance, and tax return support. They have a small professional team of advisors serving brands across multiple industries. Their popular clients are Avora, Avrium, Head Smart Media, and more.

11. Makesworth Accountants

Makesworth Accountants are one of the well-known accounting firms based in Harrow, UK, with another office in Holborn, London. Established in 2012, the firm works with 14+ professionals to help startups and mid-sized enterprises. They offer financial accounting, business advice, tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll processing services, and finance & accounting outsourcing (FAO).

12. BBK Partnership

BBK Partnership, founded in 1987, is among the top 10 accounting firms with offices in Barnet, Croydon, Ilford, and London. The firm provides expert accountancy, taxation, auditing, and business recovery services to clients, from individuals and partnerships to small and medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises.

13. Tally Accountants

It ranks among the top 10 accountancy firms UK located in Ruislip, London. The firm works with less than ten professionals and offers services like accounts preparation, bookkeeping, tax returns and advice, VAT returns, Payroll, and CIS returns for their clients.

15. Moore LLP

Moore Kingston Smith LLP appears in the popular accounting firms near me searches, has been operating since 1923, and is located in Heathrow, Redhill, Romford, St Albans, and West End. The firm works with more than 500 people specialising in accounting services, including payroll processing, bookkeeping, financial accounting, audit services, tax preparation, and more.

16. The Wow Company

The Wow Company ranks among the well-known UK accounting firms founded in 2004 in Andover, UK. The firm works with a team of professionals offering specialist tax advice, accounts and Payroll, and financial planning to agencies, consultancies, and tech businesses with 8-80 staff.

17. Tax Affinity Accountants

Tax Affinity Accountants is one of the top accountancy firms, with over 33 years of experience serving small businesses’ tax and accountancy needs. Their services include bookkeeping, tax and VAT return, payroll services, and more.

18. Accounts and Legal

Accounts and Legal is the only accounting firm in the UK that offers accountancy and legal services all under one roof. They are located in Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, and London.

19. HFM Tax & Accounts

HFM Tax & Accounts is a popular tax accountant London, that helps clients with personal tax and small business accounts and taxation, residence and domicile tax issues, and cloud accounting.

20. Tax & Advise

Tax & Advise, located in London, UK, are the accountants and business consultants that guide foreign businesses through the rules and regulations in the UK. The firm helps with taxation, accounting, Payroll, personal services, and more for its clients.

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21. Kingston Smith

Kingston Smith is a popular accounting firm in the UK, headquartered in London. They offer HR services and accounting basics to clients.

22. Haines Watts

Haines Watts, founded in 1930, is one of the most popular accountant London, located in multiple cities in the UK. Their mid-size team offers accounting, auditing, tax, and business advisory services to clients across multiple industries.

23. DNS Accountants

DNS Accountants may not be among the big 4 accounting firms, but it is a popular mid-size agency in Harrow and Soho, UK. The firm, founded in 2005, offers accounting, tax advisory, corporate advisory, and business support services to small businesses, startups, freelancers, contractors, and landlords.

24. Carter Backer Winter LLP

Carter Backer Winter LLP, a part of Gravita, ranks among the top 20 accounting firms UK, with its headquarters in London. This mid-size agency was launched in 1957, working with a team of 100+ people offering financial planning, tax, accounting, and business advisory services.

25. Accace Global

Accace Global, established in 2006, is located in Mayfair, London, UK. The firm offers a range of advisory, accounting, Payroll, and HR services and market entry support to businesses.

26. Wellden Turnbull

With over 80 years of experience, Wellden Turnbull offers businesses and individuals in multiple sectors a diverse range of accounting, tax, and audit services. This firm is located in Surrey and London, UK.

27. Mercer & Hole

Mercer & Hole is based in London, St Albans, Rickmansworth, and Milton Keynes. The firm offers a range of advisory, financial planning, bookkeeping and management reporting, taxes and Payroll, and more services.

28. Beever and Struthers

Beever and Struthers rank among the mid-size top 20 accounting firms, headquartered in Manchester and have offices in Blackburn, Birmingham, and London. The team offers audit and assurance, accounting and business advisory services to corporate and SMEs, and tax and VAT services.

29. David Howard Chartered Accountants

David Howard Chartered Accountants are the top accounting firms uk offering accountancy, taxation, bookkeeping, and payroll services to clients in Surrey and South East England.

30. RJP

Headquartered in Weybridge, Surrey, RJP has offered accounting and tax services to businesses and entrepreneurs in South London and Home Countries since 1996.

31. Ward Williams Chartered Accountants

Located in Weybridge, Surrey, Ward Williams Chartered Accountants offers the highest quality business support and personal accountancy services to their clients.

32. Arnold Hill & Co LLP

Arnold Hill & Co LLP is one of the mid-size accounting firms London, founded in 1901. The team offers a range of services from accounts preparation, advisory services, bookkeeping, tax and VAT,  financial report analysis, and more.

33. TWP Accounting

TWP Accounting is the popular accountants in London that offer clients carefully tailored tax, accounting, and business advice, which adds value to the business. They are located in Weybridge, Surrey, UK.

34. Cox Costello & Home Accountants

Cox Costello & Home Accountants is located in Moor Park and Victoria, UK. The firm offers audit and accounting, Payroll and human resources, corporate taxes, and personal services.

35. JSA Services Ltd

JSA Services Ltd is a UK-based accounting firm that offers a range of accounting and tax services to small to mid-size businesses.

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36. Isosceles Finance

Isosceles Finance is a UK-based company with headquarters in Egham, Surrey, and other offices in Sheffield, Cambridge, and Edinburgh. The firm supports ambitious companies with FD services, outsourced accounting in London, and HR services.

37. Pearl Chartered Accountants

Pearl Chartered Accountants is a small accounting firm with multiple offices in London, East London, Brentford, Kingston, Harrow, and Staines. These chartered accountants London serves clients with accounting, tax, bookkeeping, Payroll, and other services.

38. PK Group

PK Group ranks among the top 30 accounting firms, headquartered in Richmond, and Sittingbourne, UK. This mid-size firm, founded in 2003, offers a range of personal and business services, including accounting, tax and Payroll, business consulting, and HR services.

39. Kingston Burrowes Accountants

Kingston Burrowes Accountants are London accountants helping small businesses and startups with multiple accounting services.

40. MGI Midgley Snelling LLP

MGI Midgley Snelling LLP is one of the well-known accountancy firms London, with headquarters in Weybridge, Surrey. They offer a range of accounting, tax, and business and personal advisory services.

41. DS Burge & Co

Located in Surbiton, UK, DS Burge & Co offers a range of business and personal services, including accounting, bookkeeping, tax and VAT, Payroll, SEIS, and EIS services.

42. Green & Peter

Green & Peter, established in 1993, is presently located in Whetstone, UK. It is one of the best accounting firms London to offer accounting for creatives and property professionals and help with business or personal finances.

43. Dua & Co

Dua & Co is a popular accountancy and business consultancy located in Watford and London, UK. The firm has more than 30 years of experience and offers specialised international accounting services to a range of industries.

44. Marden & Co Accountants Ltd

Marden & Co Accountants Ltd, established in 2003, ranks among the most popular accounting firms in London. They offer a full range of accountancy services to all types of clients, from small to medium businesses throughout Epsom, Surrey, Thames, and multiple other locations.

45. IBN Bookkeeping Services

IBN bookkeeping services rank among the top 40 accounting firms located in Barking, Greater London. Their mid-size team specialises in accounting and finance services across multiple industries, including CPAs, banking, travel, human resource, and retail.

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46. Carbon Accountancy

Carbon Accountancy is one of the top 100 accounting firms located in London, Reading & Dublin. That team specialises in business audits, tax, cryptocurrency & bitcoin, and accounting services.

47. Stewart & Partners

Stewart & Partners, located in Elstree, UK, is an accounting firm of business advisors and Chartered accountants covering Hertfordshire and North London. With more than 50 years of experience, the firm offers a range of accounting, bookkeeping, tax, Payroll, and other services.

48. Cook & Partners

Cook & Partners is a popular chartered accountant firm based in Hertford and Bishops Stortford. With more than 20 years of experience, the firm offers accounting, taxation, business advisory, and support services to businesses and individuals.

49. Clear House Accountants

Clear House Accountants are popular as the top accountants London, with numerous office locations around the UK, and secured a marvelous track record. The firm offers accounting, Payroll, Tax and VAT services, and business advisory services to clients across multiple industries.

50. Quantum Accountancy

Quantum Accountancy, one of the top 50 accounting firms UK, is located in Slough and Windsor, UK. They are a team of qualified accountants and business advisors offering full business and accountancy services to multiple sectors.

51. Goddards Accountants

Goddards Accountants are the top 50 accounting firms in UK, with customers from Epsom, Feltham, Molesay, Staines, and multiple other locations. They offer a range of accounting services and specialise in forensic accounting.

52. Riches & Company

Riches & Company ranks among the top 50 accountancy firms, was formed in 1979, and is presently headquartered in Cobham, UK. They offer accounting, tax and VAT, Payroll, personal tax planning, statutory accounts, and audit services.

53. BNW Accountants & Tax Consultants

Located in Mitcham, UK, BNW – Accountants & Tax Consultants have 20+ years of experience in financial management. They serve clients of all sizes and business structures with accounting and advisory services.

54. CWM Chartered Accountants

Established in 1991, CWM Chartered Accountants is a mid-size accounting firm based in Epsom, Surrey. They offer accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, corporate tax and planning, and more services.

55. J&S Accounting

J&S Accounting is located in Savannah and offers a range of services and solutions, including bookkeeping, Payroll, consulting, and other services. This firm has more than eight years of experience in the industry.

56. Halsey & Co

Being a small accountant in London, Halsey & Co offers a range of accounting, tax and VAT, Payroll, and advisory services to their clients. This firm is located in Surrey.

57. Cole Marie Chartered Accountants

Cole Marie Chartered Accountants is a UK-based small accounting firm that offers a range of accounting services to its clients.

58. Moorgate Chartered Accountants

One of the top accounting firms in London, Moorgate Chartered Accountants, are expert in offering business support and personal tax services. The firm is located in Oxted and Bromley, UK.

59. Clarkson Hyde Chartered Accountants

Established in 1997, Clarkson Hyde Chartered Accountants is an association of independent accountants that offer high-quality advice and support to their clients. This firm is located in Sutton, London, and offers accounting and audit, bookkeeping and Payroll, forensic accounting, acquisitions and mergers, and more services.

What if your Accountant does a bad job?

You’ve followed all the rules and chosen your Accountant with care. But you’ve never had an accountant before; how do you know whether they’re doing a good job? And what happens if they aren’t?

You can effectively sack an accounting firm by simply telling them you no longer want to cooperate. But don’t hurry into it; having a working relationship with your Accountant is crucial. If you change every six months, this is challenging.

Look at the results you’re getting from them. Are your accounts and tax returns prepared on time, at the most basic level? Are your bills being sent on time, and are your phone calls and letters returned? Then, on top of that, paying attention to what they’ve told you is essential.

You may typically resolve problems by better communication and setting KPIs, so keep a close eye on the service and contact your Accountant if necessary. But remember that you aren’t paying for poor service.

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Final thoughts

An accounting firm is an integral part of every business. You require a knowledgeable, reliable firm and ready to assist you whenever needed. They will not only handle the accounting responsibilities, but they will also provide practical business advice to assist in the planning and growth of your company.

Choosing an accounting company based on these guidelines will reduce the chances of making a poor decision for your small business.

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